focus on public budgets, human rights based approach, peace and security






We provide...

Analysis, tools and capacity buildning -
for improved human rights



Human Rights
Based Approach

Of governments and civil society - with a focus on accountability, transparency, human rights systems, results-based management and peace and security.

LATEST: We recectly finished an assignment for Sidas internal and external web. Click here to access the materials on the Human Rights Based Approach, sectors/themes, children, persons with disabilities, and LGBTI persons.

Public Budget Transparency

Working with the Open Budget Survey (OBS), the Global Movement for Budget Transparency, Accountability and Participation, and the AT4HR Foundation.

LATEST: Click here to see the OBS 2015.

Goverment Policy/ Budget Monitoring

Holding workshops, developing tools and materials on public policy, including budget, monitoring together with civil society organisations and government officials.

LATEST: We are working for the Committee on the Rights of the Child, developing a General Comment on Public Spending for Children's Rights.

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Welcome to MSC!

We provide analysis, capacity building and
method development within the areas of:

* Budget analysis and transparency
* Children's human rights
* Civil Society
* Gender equality
* Government policy analysis and monitoring
* Human Rights Based Approach
* Human rights systems
* Peace buildning and human security
* Results-based management

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